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Sensei Bryan

Owner / Head Instructor

Sensei Bryan has enveloped himself in the study, the practice, and the sharing of Tai-Jutsu for over a decade. He began teaching after receiving his Shodan Level (1st Degree Black Belt) from Kancho Chadwick Minge in 2012.  Shortly after, Sensei Bryan was honored as Dojo – Cho (Head Instructor) at Studio City Martial Arts for both Junior and Adult programs. Bryan was announced as Shibu-Cho and became the owner of the Studio City Martial Arts Dojo in 2018. By 2015, he was awarded Chuden Menkyo (2nd Degree Instructors License / 4th Degree Black Belt) by Kancho Minge and the Ten-Chi-Wa Certified Instructor Training Program.  Sensei Bryan continues his studies of the martial arts and other Japanese art forms. In 2018 he received his Yon Dan (4th Degree Black Belt) from Shihan David Keith Heald of the Bujinkan FuRai Dojo. Sensei Bryan is a certified Jikiden Reiki Zenki Practitioner from the Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai in Kyoto, Japan. He is also CPR and First-Aid certified. Sensei continues to share his knowledge and passion of the Arts with his students.

Ron Lazo

Lead Instructor

Sensei Ron Lazo is the longest active student of Studio City Martial Arts and has been training continuously since 2002. Ron began his training in several different martial art forms, starting with Shotokan Karate when he was a kid, and a Japanese/Korean martial arts blend in his late teens. In 1996, Ron discovered Studio City Martial Arts and the Ten-Chi-Wa Tai-Jutsu Art form. As a kid from the 80’s when then Ninja boom was on, Ron realized this school fulfilled his dream of training in the arts of the ninja. Sensei Ron Lazo specializes in the Ju-Jutsu side of the Art which involves pressure points, joint manipulation, and chokes. The shorter weapons of the Art such as the knife, the hanbo (3 foot staff), and the sword are favorites of Sensei Ron. Ron received his Chuden Menkyo (2nd Degree Instructors License / 4th Degree Black Belt) from Kancho Minge and the Ten-Chi-Wa Certified Instructor Training Program in 2015. He is currently training towards his Third Level Instructor rank. Sensei Ron loves teaching martial arts because he enjoys sharing his knowledge and bringing some light to this world. He believes in preserving the history and classical patterns of the Art, while embracing the evolution, adaptation, and interpretation of the Art to keep it alive. Ron is CPR and First Aid Certified. He also trains in Filipino Martial Arts and is Virtus Certified, a best practices program designed to protect kids. When he is not in the Dojo, he likes spending time watching his kids play sports. He loves to sing, smoke his own bacon, and still dreams of playing drums in a rock band.

Keelia is a dedicated teaching artist who has been enriching education throughout Los Angeles since 2007.  With her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from CSU Fullerton, Keelia has shared her passion for art education across various school and city programs throughout Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Orange County and more.  She has directed, produced, and choreographed hundreds of children’s musical productions and dance concerts over the past 12 years as an art educator.

Keelia brings her years of experience working with children and teaching movement to the S.C.M.A. community as our Program Director.  She has enjoyed the transition from performing arts to martial arts and loves exploring the many connections between movement and breath.  Keelia is a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor and First Shodan level Certified Japanese Reiki Practitioner.  She incorporates her knowledge and skills into our Tai-Jutsu practice, helping students refine their physical awareness and expand their consciousness.  She contributes her extensive teaching experience to the S.C.M.A. Certified Instructor Training Program and Junior Senpai Leadership Program to help future instructors cultivate their own voice.  Students appreciate Keelia’s honest teaching approach and her ability to break down complex movements to make them more obtainable.

Keelia is also an actress and member of the Road Theatre Company here in Los Angeles. She continues to share her love for the Arts throughout the community and enjoys volunteering to help others in need.  Keelia loves dancing through life and eating guacamole.

Keelia Flinn

Program Director

Aimee Karlin

Office Manager | Assistant Instructor

Aimee is a dedicated Reiki Master, teaching artist and theater professional who is excited to bring together all of her skills to encourage joy, community and self-growth.

Aimee received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Acting from Cal State University, Fullerton. She continued on to do many projects with LA’s Coeurage Theatre Co. and had the wonderful opportunity to teach her craft to young kids around the greater LA area.

She recently returned from Seattle, where she learned the joy of Reiki and has honed her skills in intuition and energy to help people reach their inner peace, power and potential. She is a proud certified Reiki Master Practitioner in the Traditional Usui Method. She believes one’s own ability to heal themselves can be fully realized and encouraged by the divine flow of Reiki. 

Aimee is also an Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church.

She is thrilled to be joining the SCMA community! Aimee enjoys spending time in nature, cuddling her kitty cat and is a major foodie.

Assistant Instructors

Shelby Laterza

Assistant Instructor

Senpai Shelby started training Tai-Jutsu during high school in her home state of Ohio.  She resumed her training at Studio City Martial Arts in February 2018 after moving to California. In December 2018 Shelby began the Certified Instructor Training Program and is working toward her first Instructors License. She really enjoys teaching the junior students and refining her own skills in the process. Shelby is CPR and First-Aid Certified.  She speaks fluent Spanish, and conversational Japanese, Italian and French. Senpai Shelby has also explored some training in Karate and Mixed Martial Arts. Outside of the Dojo, she works in nonprofit development for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern California. Shelby currently practices Trapeze, Aerial Silks, and Yoga. In her free time, Shelby enjoys sewing, reading, hiking, and travelling. She is a dedicated Marvel and Star Wars fan. 

Dan Lachman

Assistant Instructor

Senpai Dan trained in various martial arts since he was a child.  In 2016 he joined the S.C.M.A. community and continues to love the depth of the Art and how it continuously builds upon itself.  In 2019 Dan joined the Certified Instructor Training Program and is working toward his first Instructors License.  He enjoys gaining a greater knowledge of the Art while learning how to pass the skills onto others.  Senpai Dan is CPR and First-Aid Certified.  His favorite weapon is the Jo, and he loves practicing his throws on the mat.  When Dan isn’t training at the Dojo, he enjoys hiking with his dog and long walks on the beach. 

Junior Senpai Assistant Instructors

Jack Norland

Junior Senpai Instructor

Jack Norland has been training for over six year at Studio City Martial Arts. What Jack loves about the Art is the freeform and the options that this Art gives. Junior Senpai Jack holds the rank of Red Belt Black Stripe. One of Jack’s favorite thing to train is the katana and weapons. Jack joined the Junior Senpai Leadership Program because of his love for teaching others. What Jack enjoys about teaching is “the lightbulb moment” when a kid finally gets the technique. Outside of class Jack enjoys hanging out with friends, thrift store shopping, and working at a SCUBA shop. Jack’s hobbies are SCUBA diving, drone flying, and fixing things.

Ben Rosegard

Junior Senpai Instructor

Ben Rosegard started training at Studio City Martial Arts when he was 6 years old. He has been training for over 7 years and now holds the rank of Brown Belt Black Stripe. Junior Senpai Ben enjoys learning different wrist grabs. Ben joined the Junior Senpai Leadership Program to help younger students and refine his leadership skills. Ben is also a certified scuba diver and has his boating license. When Ben isn’t training at the Dojo, he loves to go fishing, skiing and being on the water. Ben also enjoys hanging out with his friends and playing video games.

Reed Lazo

Junior Senpai Instructor

Redmund “Reed” Lazo began training martial arts when he was 8 years old. He started training when his dad, Sensei Ron, wanted to pass on his knowledge to Reed and his brother Rylie. Junior Senpai Reed has been training for over 4 years and now holds the rank of Blue Belt Black Stripe. He enjoys practicing different strikes. Reed joined the Junior Senpai Leadership Program to expand his knowledge of the Art and help others in their training. He is member of his school’s Academic Decathlon and enjoys singing and serving at church. Reed also loves playing different sports and drawing.

Jack D'Angelo

Junior Senpai Instructor

Jack D’Angelo began training at Studio City Martial Arts when he was 9 years old, and now holds the rank of Brown Belt/White Stripe. He enjoys training with different staff weapons (particularly the Jo) and likes how the various techniques of the Art provide great relation to one another. His favorite part of teaching is watching students get experience with the Art and move up belts over time. Jack joined the Junior Senpai Leadership Program to share his knowledge with others and to help accelerate his own sense of responsibility. He enjoys participating in many community services across the Los Angeles area and is a devout historian. When not at the Dojo, he likes to read on the internet, play video games, and explore fandoms such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones. He is a fan of the band Judas Priest.


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